With open arms…

Life will ALWAYS throw curve balls our way. The sooner we accept this fact, commit to making the best out of each situation and seeing the positive; the faster we’ll learn, progress and be stronger for the next one. What might seem like a major glitch in the plan, could very well turn out be the start to something better then we ever could have imagined.



Ever felt alone with the crazy thoughts in your head? Like if you were to tell your closest friend they’d probably not understand, see you differently or just be plain mortified? Well take comfort in this then…we’re all crazy, its not just you! Want proof? Whisper it. Whisper is a great social networking site where you can offload your deepest, darkest, weirdest, most scandalous confessional secrets but the best part is, it’s done anonymously! No one knows you or sees a picture of you so you get the truth out without the awkward eye contact dodging explanation after! And once you’re done (or if you’d rather) you can see what others are getting off their chests. The great thing about reading the confessions of others is it highlights there are so many people on this planet that have the same quirks, are going through the same situations or even have it worse then us. They can help give a little perspective on things and with certain posts, they can even inspire. Some are of joy, some of loss and grief others offer hope, tolerance and understanding. Want to have a look for yourself? Have a look at some examples below or click here

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20130426-222022.jpg 20130426-222029.jpg

20130426-222041.jpg 20130426-222049.jpg

20130426-222057.jpg 20130426-222107.jpg

20130426-222115.jpg 20130426-222123.jpg

20130426-224218.jpg 20130426-224230.jpg

20130426-224235.jpg 20130426-224244.jpg

20130426-224252.jpg Anything sound familiar?

Just Fabulous indeed

For those of you who are fans of all things fabulous, you’ve got to check out House of Fab on The Style Network (every Thursday at 9pm). Featuring Kimora Lee Simmons, newly appointed President of the booming online fashion store JustFab, we’re given a behind the scenes look at the daily goings on. True there are some very out there characters and everyone is dressed enviably but more then that, we see what really goes into building a brand. Plus if you like what you see, you’re only a few clicks away from your own JustFab purchase. It may also be worth mentioning that your first purchase is at half price, so you could have yourself a very cute new bag or killer pair of shoes for under £18!  Just Click here http://style.justfab.co.uk/dms3219/ and you can have a wardrobe like this… Kimora …well nearly

If the business side of things doesn’t interest you, the fashion will and Jonny is sure to put a smile on your face.

Supermarket – Super Street – High Street

How long do you reckon before the supermarkets have their clothing division on the high street? This Tesco frock is pretty cute and at £25 you’ve still got change to pick up the wine too…on the next aisle!


What’s on?

Check out Chicago Fire on Sky Living on Wednesdays at 9. It’s one of those shows where just enough happens at the right moment to keep you watching then before you know it you’ve got it on series link. This endearing team make it difficult to switch channels. You’ve got the slightly cliché “tough love” Captain who NEVER smiles but cares the most, the rookie who’s trying to step out of his fire fighting fathers shadow and a whole bunch of other beautiful people with issues.

It’s not quite Grey’s Anatomy…nothing is really…but it’s good telly. And oh, Steve from Sex in the City is in it. Ok so his name’s not Steve but you know…that’s what we’ll continue to call him.



Explosions, resuscitations, sirens, life given, life taken…it’s action packed, emotional and full of eye candy. Give it a go.