Ever felt alone with the crazy thoughts in your head? Like if you were to tell your closest friend they’d probably not understand, see you differently or just be plain mortified? Well take comfort in this then…we’re all crazy, its not just you! Want proof? Whisper it. Whisper is a great social networking site where you can offload your deepest, darkest, weirdest, most scandalous confessional secrets but the best part is, it’s done anonymously! No one knows you or sees a picture of you so you get the truth out without the awkward eye contact dodging explanation after! And once you’re done (or if you’d rather) you can see what others are getting off their chests. The great thing about reading the confessions of others is it highlights there are so many people on this planet that have the same quirks, are going through the same situations or even have it worse then us. They can help give a little perspective on things and with certain posts, they can even inspire. Some are of joy, some of loss and grief others offer hope, tolerance and understanding. Want to have a look for yourself? Have a look at some examples below or click here

20130426-222001.jpg 20130426-222011.jpg

20130426-222022.jpg 20130426-222029.jpg

20130426-222041.jpg 20130426-222049.jpg

20130426-222057.jpg 20130426-222107.jpg

20130426-222115.jpg 20130426-222123.jpg

20130426-224218.jpg 20130426-224230.jpg

20130426-224235.jpg 20130426-224244.jpg

20130426-224252.jpg Anything sound familiar?

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