Forgive selfishly

Like so many things, forgiving a wrong doing is often easier said then done. Sometimes the hurt is so paralysing it becomes all encompassing and impossible to let go of. Ever notice though that the instigator of these feelings tends to get over it all at a much faster rate…if they ever felt bad for them in the first place? Yeah…funny that! You know what we have to do? Forgive selfishly! Find a way to forgive the perpetrator for our own wellbeing. Why sit burdened with that heavy weight of sadness? Forgiveness is freedom. We don’t have to forget but we have to get over it.


Resentment, anger and bitterness is a fog that clouds judgement and limits the ability to function wholeheartedly. We owe it to ourselves to be happy and to journey through this life open to all it has to offer. Forgive selfishly and keep it moving.

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