How to be happier – 1#

For the first in a series of “How to be happier” posts, lets begin with ‘Be present and in the moment’. Life is fleeting and today only happens once. Its far too easy to get caught up in the craziness our busy lives create. We’ve got to take the time to stop and get a good long deep whiff of those roses. Otherwise what’s it all for? Continuously fretting about tomorrow blinds us to the small moments of ‘happy’ that are happening all around. Life can’t be TiVo’d or put on Series Link to be caught up on later. There is and will always be some obstacle to get over and around, worrying will not make that feat any easier. Soooooo…if only for a few minutes a day, get your head out the fog and stop! Stop fixing, stop searching, stop doing. All except breathing, just slow it right down and bloody well stop. This is your life. Count the blessings then when you’re done, change the things you can and to hell with the things you can’t.


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