3 of the best

Its no secret that red lips have been a massive accessory this year and with so many brands and shades on the market, we’ve selected 3 of the most memorable and duplicated.

In third place we’re giving a nod to Miss Taylor Swift



This antique collecting, satchel wearing, catchy song singing temptress has been caught flaunting hot lips for a while now and she’s doing it well. It seems CoverGirl’s aptly  named”Hot” LipPerfection Lip Colour has been the shade of choice. Agree? Like what you see? Bag one for yourself here


Making the cut at number two.. its Miss Robyn Fenty, but you can call her Rihanna.


Currently touring the globe with Diamonds Rihanna has given us many looks recently, well actually…she’s always been switching things up.


 One thing that has reappeared over and over however is that gorgeous red lip. It’s pretty much reached iconic status now, so much so that power house MAC have collaborated with the Basian  beauty to produce a red all of her very own. If you can get your hands on it because the stock seems to vanish as soon as it hits the shelves; you too can feel like only girl in the world with it. Ok…maybe not the only girl in the world but the only one in your house at the very least!


So who’s at number one? The original diamond girl, Marilyn Monroe


Not sure who’s done it better but this iconic beauty taught us long before SJP that you can be glamorous at any time, any day, for any reason, whilst doing the grocery shopping or tackling the  laundry. And what’s more glam then a rouge pout? There are so many things this woman is remembered for and no doubt she’ll make an appearance on this blog again but for now, Miss Monroe, we salute you.


Whilst the exact shade may no longer be available, its widely known that Elizabeth Arden was one of Marlyn’s favourite brands. Its said that she used several shades to produce her red of choice but Arden was a staple.




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