Today we say…

                                           “Push it to the limit”

Throwback Thursday

What did you take a moment to remember today? The horrors that were heavily lined lips were what crossed minds over here!
Yes, women actually did that to themselves and Kraft the house! With treads and fashion often repeating, lets hope that faux pa stays firmly in the past…unless its being resurrected for Halloween…


Happy Sunday

It doesn’t get easier, you just get better!


Up get, get out and do something! Happy Sunday!

Finally Friday

Fabulousness is daring to dream, gumption to pursue those dreams and pushing through even when it seems hopeless. Fabulousness is belief in your abilities, learnt lessons from mistakes and pride in your accomplishments.


Happy (Fabulous) Friday Showtimers

Drum roll…..


I know you know what day it is but isn’t it nice to be sure?!

Have a fabulous day Showtimers!


Set your own standards….

….and have a beautiful day


See what’s really there and love it!