Whatever it takes to hold your head a little higher, make that walk a little stronger…do it. Confidence isn’t always innate, sometimes we need a catalyst so whatever it is for you, get to it. That dress, those shoes, that lipstick…get it on. Put your hair, let it down, shave it off!! That song, that workout, that prayer…sing it loud and go hard. Pat yourself on the back for that thing you did oh so well. Sometimes there’s no one around to tell us what we need to hear…so Say it Yourself!

I’m awesome

I’m amazing

I kick ass


That said…have a great day

Today’s to do…


As long as there’s breath in your body, it’s never too late

Today we say…


Now we’re not talking about selling out or deals with the devil here, simply hard work! Nothing worth having comes without the grind so if we really want it…really really want it, we’ve gotta put in the time. If there’s not enough time..start earlier and finish later. Make the sacrifices now for the sweet rewards later. There are no do overs in this life so go hard and if it doesn’t work out, go hard again.

Have a great week!

Today we say…

                                           “Push it to the limit”

Its been a while…

…but I’m back! Its amazing how quickly plans and routine can fall to the wayside and you find yourself in a rut. Just doing what you’ve got to do to get by and keeping that pretty head above water. Its not easy, life is mean sometimes. That said, there comes a point where you’ve just got to push extra hard and get it together! Setting realistic goals with expectations, a plan to achieve them and of course a positive mentality…makes all things possible. Maybe not all        at once mind you, but definitely over time.


                                     And with that…lets get to it.