What’s on?

Check out Chicago Fire on Sky Living on Wednesdays at 9. It’s one of those shows where just enough happens at the right moment to keep you watching then before you know it you’ve got it on series link. This endearing team make it difficult to switch channels. You’ve got the slightly cliché “tough love” Captain who NEVER smiles but cares the most, the rookie who’s trying to step out of his fire fighting fathers shadow and a whole bunch of other beautiful people with issues.

It’s not quite Grey’s Anatomy…nothing is really…but it’s good telly. And oh, Steve from Sex in the City is in it. Ok so his name’s not Steve but you know…that’s what we’ll continue to call him.



Explosions, resuscitations, sirens, life given, life taken…it’s action packed, emotional and full of eye candy. Give it a go.