Whatever it takes to hold your head a little higher, make that walk a little stronger…do it. Confidence isn’t always innate, sometimes we need a catalyst so whatever it is for you, get to it. That dress, those shoes, that lipstick…get it on. Put your hair, let it down, shave it off!! That song, that workout, that prayer…sing it loud and go hard. Pat yourself on the back for that thing you did oh so well. Sometimes there’s no one around to tell us what we need to hear…so Say it Yourself!

I’m awesome

I’m amazing

I kick ass


That said…have a great day

Pass it on

Today I dare you to compliment a total stranger or someone you hardly ever speak to! Tell them their shoes are great or their hair is cute. Maybe get the name of their perfume/cologne or find out where they got an item of clothing from. Guaranteed their face will light up and you will have been responsible for creating that 10 seconds of happy. It’s very likely that person will in some way pass on that positive energy but if they don’t, well hey… you’d have made them feel good about themselves for however long the feeling lasts. You get out what you put in Showtimers so spread the love.


Positive energy is a powerful force, test the theory!