Happy Sunday

It doesn’t get easier, you just get better!


Up get, get out and do something! Happy Sunday!

Finally Friday

Fabulousness is daring to dream, gumption to pursue those dreams and pushing through even when it seems hopeless. Fabulousness is belief in your abilities, learnt lessons from mistakes and pride in your accomplishments.


Happy (Fabulous) Friday Showtimers

Think ahead


Whether its that run you’ve been putting off, forgetting to take your make up off before bed, that looming deadline, taking a chance and putting yourself out there…just go ahead and do it. Procrastination and self doubt are progress and dream killers!

Take charge!

Set sail


Only a journey into the unknown can take us to new and exciting places and open us to experiences we may never have thought possible. We should kick Fear in the butt and except right from the beginning that things may not turn out how we anticipate. And with that out the way, we can focus on the fact that this new voyage could be sooooo much better then hoped for.

Godspeed Showtimers!